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Historical instruments & games for Roman, Viking and medieval reenactment & LARP. Roman cornu and lituus by Deekeeka, Viking signal horns, Mytholon Landsknecht drums

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Viking signal horns for Viking reenactment & LARP

Signal horns were used for hunting during the Viking Age and Middle Ages. When larger groups were dispersed, they could find each other by communicating with the horn. On the battlefield, the horn was used to intimidate the enemy and for communication. In our shop you can find Viking horns for LARP, reenactment, living history and for a Viking costume or medieval costume. The sound of the horns is deep and low.

Roman music instruments: lituus and cornu by Deepeeka for Roman reenactment & LARP

The Deepeeka brand is an expert in Roman replicas for reenactment, living history & LARP. In our shop you can find replica Roman instruments such as a lituus and cornu, which are fully functional for reenactment. In the Roman legions, the Romans used a cornu to communicate orders. The lituus is a musical instrument for religious occasions.

Historical games: dice, mill game

We have historical games for the reenactment and LARP camp. These are games you can do with a group. We have a replica of a Roman mill game and historical dice. You can make a game board of leather and wood in the camp yourself and use the dice to play.