Discover our bird feathers to make your own quill, or as decoration on a garment. For reenactment, historical costumes, medieval writing and LARP

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Make your own quill

Discover our bird feathers for historical writing. We sell a set of 10 goose feathers with which you can write in an authentic medieval way. This is ideal for museums, living history and scriptorium reenactment.

Feathers for a historical costume

We sell beautifully colored feathers and feathers with a natural pattern, such as the peacock feather and pheasant feather. In the Middle Ages, Renaissance and later it was fashionable to wear a feather on the hat. Knights even wore a large feather on the helmet. Here you can buy beautiful feathers to decorate your historical hat. For fantasy and LARP costumes you can also use the feathers to decorate a dress, for example. With these feathers you can let your imagination run wild and create whatever costume you want!