MP Spectaculum

Costumes, accessories, LARP weapons for MP Spectaculum festival: the great fantasy and medieval festival in Germany. Drinking horns, cloaks, dresses, tunics

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What is MP Spectaculum festival?


Mittelalterliches Phantasie Spectaculum, also known as MPS, is one of the largest German medieval and fantasy festivals. Since 1994, this festival has been held annually at various locations in Germany. This is unique to the medieval and fantasy festival world, as these are held at most 1 or 2 times a year at 1 or 2 locations. Spectaculum is a traveling festival and many festival stands and artists can be found in successive locations.

What can you do on MP Spectaculum?

The festival is entirely dressed up in medieval style and many visitors come in costume. So you can enjoy the creative creations on display throughout the festival. There are also various shows such as performances by folk and metal bands, fire stunts, knight tournaments with Czech knights and a living history section. In addition, there is a huge market with medieval stalls, craft items and food.

Where does the MP Spectaculum festival take place?

The MP Spectaculum is the largest traveling festival in the world. The festival takes place annually from April to September at various locations in Germany, for example in major cities such as Berlin, but also smaller towns such as Rastede.

Where can you buy costumes, medieval clothes and viking clothes for Spectaculum?

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