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Medieval armor, full armor & Roman armor

We are one of the largest historical armor shops in Europe! Shop our assortment for complete knight armor, Roman armor, Viking armor and plate armor. With our large assortment of plate armor parts you can assemble your own full armor. You can use the armor parts for decoration, for historical costumes and for reenactment and LARP battles.

Plate armor for sale for reenactment & LARP

When purchasing plate armor, it is important to pay attention to the steel thickness. We have 1mm steel armor for decoration, LARP battles and for costumes. However, this armor is not suitable for reenactment battles, you need at least 1.5 mm thick steel to participate in reenactment battles. In our webshop you will also find a large number of armor parts with a steel thickness of 1.3 mm to 2 mm. For jousting and Bohurt you need at least 2 mm thick steel.

Marshal Historical, Windlass, Deepeeka, Epic Armoury & Custom Madearmor

We sell plate armor by the best brands with lowest price guarantee. Our armor is made by Marshal Historical, Windlass Steelcrafts, Deepeeka, Epic Armoury, Ulfberth, Mytholon and other brands. We also have an exclusive line of handmade armor that is custom made by one of the blacksmiths we work with. For custom made armor you can choose your steel thickness, leather color and other options.