Lorica hamata

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Lorica Hamata as part of the Roman armor

Hauberks are a Celtic or Gallic invention that was popular among the Roman legions. The lorica hamata was a revolutionary invention in the field of body protection. It was the best type of Roman chainmail ever made. Legionaries wore the lorica hamata during the Gallic Wars of Julius Caesar and during the reign of Emperor Augustus. Later on, the Lorica Hamata continued to be used by the Roman auxiliae troops, who often were of Gaul or Germanic descent.

Lorica Hamata vs Lorica Segmentata

The lorica hamata protected the Roman legionary better than the lorica segmentata. However, the lorica segmentata was considerably cheaper to produce in the many fabricae supplying the legions. Therefore the lorica hamata was not used anymore in later periods of the Roman Empire. Only a few original fragments of the lorica hamata have been excavated because chain mail was usually recycled.

Lorica hamata riveted and butted rings for LARP

Originally, the lorica hamata was made of flat or round chainmail rings with round rivets. Especially for LARP events, festivals and cosplay, we also sell butted lorica hamatae that are considerably cheaper in price.