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LARP swords are made from foam with a fiberglass core and latex coating. These swords look very realistic and do not inflict damage. Therefore they are perfect for LARP, Halloween, costumes and Cosplay. For LARP battles it is of course important that you have a high quality sword. We only sell high quality LARP swords from the best brands, safe for LARP battles. We have LARP swords with a historical touch, orc swords, elven sword and other fantasy LARP swords. Here you can find the perfect LARP sword for every LARP character.

LARP swords by Epic Armoury, Windlass, Freyhand, Mytholon, Calimacil

We have a large variety of LARP swords by the best LARP brands in the world. High quality and safe LARP swords for LARP battles.

LARP swords maintenance

Are you the proud owner of a LARP sword? It is important to maintain your LARP sword every month with silicone spray, which is available in our webshop. You spray it over your sword and apply it with a cloth. This spray prevents the latex surface from drying out.