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At Celtic WebMerchant you can find the largest collection of sabers in Europe from the best brands. All sabers are fully functional and made of real steel. On the product pages you can find more information like the quality of the steel and how sharp the saber is. If you are looking for a saber for sword fighting or for reenactment, the best thing to do is to choose a battle ready blunt blade. You can buy a decorative saber semi-sharp or razor-sharp.

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On this page you can browse our huge selection of military sabers from several historical periods. In the title and in the texts you can read more information about the history of the saber and from which period it originates. Our sabers are almost all based on historical originals from the 17th to the 20th century. You can find sabers from the Napoleonic war, but also from the American Civil War and from the Prussian army. For fans of military history, sabers are wonderful collector's items to hang on the wall. They are also great to give as a present.

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The Caribbean pirates and the Watergeuzen also fought with sabers. If you are looking for a weapon to complete your costume for pirate reenactment, a saber is essential. Here you can find several historical sabers that could actually have been used by the greatest pirates in history. Like Charles Vane, Blackbeard, William Kidd, Anne Bonnie, Jack Rackham and Edward Teach.