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Buy gladiator shield or scutum Roman shield

The scutum is the famous historical shield of the Roman legionaries. It had a red, green, blue or yellow color and curved edges to protect the legionary's shield formation and body. It had an umbo for extra strength. The testudo is an example of a shield formation that legionaries were able to create with the scutum. Browse our selection of reenactment Roman shields from quality brands like Windlass Steelcrafts and Deepeeka.

Greek shield

The Greek hoplites fought with the asp: a round wooden shield known from the Spartans. The hoplites used such shields in shield formations: the phalanx. The phalanx can be seen on Greek vases and sculptures.

Celtic shield

The Celts in the La Tene period fought with an elongated shield. Unlike Roman and Greek shields, they did not have a square round shield boss but an elongated reinforcement of wood.