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Discover our collection of authentic Celtic and Roman fibulae for Roman reenactment. Ring brooches, spectacle fibula, crossbow fibula, Celtic brooches and more.

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Roman fibula and Celtic fibula or cloak pin

The Celts and Romans wore a fibula, also called a cloak pin, to fasten their garments. This was their version of the button and zipper. For example, Romans fastened their toga with a fibula, and women wore their stola with a fibula. Until the Middle Ages, people fastened their cloaks with a fibula. The fibula was often clearly visible. Poorer people wore an iron fibula, and the rich wore a fibula with enamel and stones. Our fibulae are based on Roman and Celtic finds.

Fibula or brooch for Roman costume

For a truly authentic Roman costume, fasten your toga, stola or cloak with a fibula. Our fibulae are based on museum pieces and perfect for Roman reenactment. In the product texts you can find more information about the origin of the fibulae.