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The shop for authentic Celtic rings from the Iron Age, medieval Celtic knot rings, modern triskele rings, spiral rings, tree of life ring, La Tene rings. Celtic replica rings

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Celtic knot ring and Iron Age Celtic rings

In our webshop you can buy historical Celtic rings based on original rings from the Iron Age, and modern Celtic rings. These are wonderful gifts for yourself or for someone else. The Iron Age rings show geometric motifs such as spirals and circles. This abstract art style from the La Tene and Hallstatt period was quite futuristic! We also have modern Celtic ring motifs such as Celtic knotwork, the triskele (which symbolizes eternity) and the Celtic tree of life.

Celtic ring silver, bronze and silver-plated brass

Do you want to buy a Celtic ring? You can choose from several materials. We have sterling silver rings, bronze rings and silver plated brass rings. These rings look like solid silver rings, but because they only have a silver layer on the surface, they are cheaper than real silver rings. Our rings are handmade in Europe.

Celtic rings for men and women

Our rings can be adjusted in size and are suitable for men and women.