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Everything you need to make your own medieval or Viking knife. Hand-forged knife blades, seax blades, knife sets, horn blocks and more. 24/7 customer service

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Blades and accessories to make your own knife

Do you want to make a medieval knife, seax or Viking knife yourself? Here you can find everything you need. We have beautiful and razor-sharp hand-forged blades. Make a grip of wood or a block of horn around the blade tang yourself. You can decorate your knife grip as desired. We also sell sheath fittings. If you make a leather cover or sheath yourself, you can, for example, cut decorative patterns into it with a knife and decorate the tip and top with sheath fittings. The fittings also ensure that the tip of the knife does not protrude through the leather. If you do reenactment, making your own knife is a beautiful historical craft for the camp.