Harry Potter chess set, puzzles and games

Harry Potter wizards chess set replica by Noble Collection, and other Harry Potter puzzles, board games and card games. The perfect gifts for Harry Potter fans!

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Harry Potter wizards chess set, puzzles and games


Bring the magic into your home with Harry Potter board games, puzzles and card games. These are great gifts for Harry Potter fans. At Celtic WebMerchant you buy the official licensed replicas of the Harry Potter Magic Chess game. In the Harry Potter books, Ron Weasley is very good at the game of Magic Chess. Magic chess is like real chess, the only difference is that the pieces are really alive and they knock each other off the board. In the Harry Potter books, Magic Chess is mainly mentioned in the first book, and in later books, the three friends often play Magic Chess during their spare time. The replica Harry Potter chess games are beautiful to put down on a table or in a display case, as a collector's item. Of course you can also play chess with it.