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Viking jewelry and Nordic jewelry from medieval Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark

We are the shop with the finest collection of handmade historical Germanic and Viking jewelry in Europe. Our jewelry is based on real authentic jewelry from (early) medieval Scandinavia and Germany. Viking jewelry is beautiful with a Viking costume for LARP, Cosplay and reenactment. They are also unique and beautiful to wear in everyday life and perfect as a gift. With Viking jewelry you can show the world that you are proud to be a modern Viking or pagan.

Viking pendant for a Viking necklace: Valknut, rune, irminsul and other symbols

Discover our beautiful collection of Viking pendants with Viking and Asatru symbols and Germanic symbols. The Valknut, one of the symbols of modern Vikings and Asatru, consists of 3 triangles. This is an ancient symbol that was engraved on Viking tombstones and is also called Odin's knot, presumably symbolizing Odin's power to influence the human mind. The rune script is the script of the Vikings and Germanic tribes known from stones and utensils. We have several pendants with runes. Irminsul means "great pillar" and was a sanctuary of the Germanic tribes, destroyed by Charlemagne. An Irminsul was a large tree trunk raised up in the open air, resembling a column.

Jewelry of Odin, Thor, Fenrir, Midgard Serpent and other Viking gods and mythology

Browse our shop for the most beautiful Viking jewelry with gods and figures from Viking mythology. The Vikings had no ban on images of their gods like the Christians. It was normal to portray the gods on jewelry and as carvings. Our jewelry of the gods is based on authentic Viking jewelry and statues. For example the Icelandic statue of Thor. Fenrir wolf and Midgard snake are mythological figures who play a role in Ragnarok. During Ragnarok, Fenrir will escape from his chains and be killed by Odin's son. Midgard Serpent will fight Thor during Ragnarok.