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Your shop for LARP archery! We have LARP bows, longbows, recurve bows, archery gloves and bracers. Marksman bows, Epic Armoury & Mytholon bows

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LARP bows and LARP crossbows

LARP crossbows, like other LARP bows and longbows, have a low draw weight up to 25 lbs. These crossbows are therefore suitable to use during LARP battles. We have quivers for LARP crossbow bolts.

LARP longbows and LARP recurve bows

All the LARP longbows and recurve bows in our collection have a draw weight up to 25 lbs. This is the max. draw weight that is allowed for LARP battles. The LARP bows are made of laminated wood, or fiberglass. The longbows are longer than the recurve bows and recurve bows are generally easier to shoot with. Our LARP bows look completely authentic. They are perfect for beginning LARP archers and advanced archers.

LARP bracers and bow gloves

LARP archery is easier with leather bracers for your lower arm, and bow gloves to protect the hand. They are also wonderful accessories for your LARP character costume. We also have separate bowstrings and string wax, for when one of your bowstrings gets damaged.