Elfia Haarzuilens and Arcen

Are you going to Elfia Haarzuilens or Elfia Arcen? Look here for Kingdom of Elfia inspiration. Clothing, costumes, accessories, cloaks, drinking horns

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Elfia Haarzuilens and Arcen


Elfia is a festival that is held twice a year: in the spring in Haarzuilens, and in the fall in Arcen. At both locations there are beautiful castle gardens (at Kasteel de Haar and castle gardens Arcen) where you can take a picture in your costume. On this page you will find inspiration for your Elfia Haarzuilens and Arcen costumes.


The Kingdom of Elfia


The great thing about The Kingdom of Elfia is that everyone can be themselves. You can come in a Cosplay costume, or rather in an anime style or in a historically inspired costume. Nothing is wrong, the choice is yours. We do recommend that you leave real swords at home and go for a latex weapon.


Elfia Haarzuilens or Elfia Arcen costume


In terms of costume, nothing is too crazy for the Elfia festivals. On this page you will find a number of ideas that you can use for your own Elfia outfit. You can find all kinds of cloaks here for the colder Elfia Haarzuilens days. Drinking horns that you can fill at Elfia with mead and beer. Harnesses, dresses, pants, skirts, blouses and masks. Pick and match the items that match your costume!