Celtic earrings

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Celtic earrings

Discover the Celtic earrings in our webshop. Celtic earrings are the perfect gift, or as a gift for yourself to wear daily. The earrings are handmade of silver, bronze or silver-plated brass. These are unique earrings that you will not find in most stores.

Spiral earrings, Celtic heart earrings, trinity knot earrings, Celtic symbols

We have Celtic earrings with historical Irish knotwork based on the famous Book of Kells. We also have many Celtic earrings with modern Celtic symbols. These are, for example, spiral earrings. Spirals were important in ancient Celtic Iron Age art styles, and have become a symbol of modern Celtic culture. We also have earrings with a Celtic heart, triskelion or triquetra (symbol of eternity), Celtic crosses and modern Celtic knotwork.