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Viking and medieval comb, Roman strigilis, surgery sets, razors for Roman, Viking and medieval reenactment, LARP and living history. Authentic historical replicas

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Viking combs and medieval combs

Discover our authentic handmade medieval and Viking combs. Our Viking combs are made of bone and horn and are completely handmade. Many combs are made after archaeological originals. Vikings used a lot of combs to groom their hair. Combs were an essential form of body care in the Middle Ages.

Medieval operation sets for reenactment and LARP

We have lifelike medieval operation sets as used by the Roman and medieval surgeons. Operation sets are a fantastic accessory for LARP and reenactment. They are perfect for demonstrating Medieval and Roman operations and for doctor characters.

Buy living history accessories

On this page you can find accessories for living history and reenactment. These items were used daily by Romans, Vikings and medieval people. Perfect for showing medieval daily life at a reenactment event.

Buy Roman bathhouse replicas

We also have a large assortment of Roman replicas as used in the bathhouse or in the Roman home. We have everything you need for Roman reenactment, Roman bathhouse scenarios and Roman living history. Like sponges, strigilis, balsamarium, mirrors, razers and other accessories.