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Germanic jewelry: Merovingian, Frankish, Vendel, Anglo-Saxon jewelry

Our Germanic jewelry is based on originals from the 3rd to the 8th century excavated in Western Europe. Here we use Germanic as the umbrella name for Merovingian, Frankish, Vendel, Anglo-Saxon jewelry and jewelry of the Germanic tribes. The period is also called the Dark Ages, the time between the late Romans and the Vikings. This jewelry is incredibly intriguing and beautiful. When you look at the jewelry, you wonder why this period is called dark. The jewelry shows a shared visual culture and enormous wealth. You can also see some Viking pendants whose iconography was also used before the Viking era, such as the wheel amulet.


Irminsul, wheel amulet, Germanic ravens and lunula pendants

The material heritage of the early medieval people of Western Europe offers a lot of insight into their religion and culture. The Irminsul is a well-known symbol from the Germanic tribes up to the Anglo-Saxons. The Irminsul was a natural sanctuary, a column in the forest made of a wooden trunk. The wheel has been an important symbol since the Bronze Age and represents the solstice. Ravens are the two companions of the god Wodan: Huginn and Muninn. The lunula was worn as protection.