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All the accessories you need for a historical costume! Aiglets, buttons, Viking brooches, fibulae, cloak buckles, bag fittings, medieval bells

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Accessories for a reenactment or LARP historical costume & fantasy costume

We have a large assortment of accessories to make your own historical or fantasy costume. We also have accessories to complete your costume. Roman, medieval, Viking and Renaissance buttons, for example. Always handy if you are making your own dress, or want to replace the buttons on your costume. We also have small medieval bells to sew on your costume.

Buy aiglets and laces

Aiglets are a useful accessory when you make your own historical costume. Aiglets are laces with medieval lace ends. You can use aiglets as shoelaces. You can also sew them to a gambeson or doublet, for fastening armor parts. But you can also use them for dresses or coats.

Viking brooches, medieval and fantasy brooches & cloak clasps

A LARP and reenactment outfit or historical costume also requires a cloak. With a beautiful cloak clasp or brooch, your character is completely in style. We have Viking brooches and medieval brooches based on real authentic jewelry from the Middle Ages. For LARP and Cosplay we also have fantasy style cloak clasps and brooches. The perfect accessory for your outfit!