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In the Middle Ages, people wore a cloak against the cold weather. A cloak was also useful when traveling. While sleeping you could use the cloak as a blanket, and the cloak protected the clothing from the dust of the dirt roads. Woolen cloaks were waterproof and protected against rain and snow. In our shop you can buy cloaks and capes with beautiful designs or brown and black cloaks. For example, you can make medieval peasant costumes, or a noble costume. We have the perfect cloak for every costume!

Medieval cloak, the garment of medieval festivals

For the last 10 years, medieval festivals and Renaissance fairs are becoming more popular. The cloak is the garment of these festivals. You can even keep your regular clothes on and wear a cloak over it, to visit the festival in medieval style. With a cloak you can visit festivals in the open air without being bothered by the cold or rain. You protect your costume against dust and moisture. Medieval cloaks and capes are beautiful garments for reenactment, LARP and Cosplay costumes.