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Scottish kilts, Scottish plaids, sporrans, kilt pins and kilt socks. Black Stewart & Black Watch kilts for low prices. Kilts for Celtic festivals and Highland Games.

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Buy a Scottish kilt for Celtic festivals, Highland Games and weddings

We have Scottish kilts for a Celtic festival, wedding, medieval fair, Castlefest or Highland Games? Or for another special occasion where you would like to dress in a Scottish kilt? At Celtic WebMerchant you can shop a small collection of kilts and accessories for a low price.

Black Watch & Black Stewart Scottish kilts and plaids

The Scottish kilt has been the national costume of Scotland since the 18th century and originated from older traditional Scottish garments such as the brat and ionar. The kilt consists of a piece of tartan: a traditional fabric with colored stripes and blocks. Every Scottish clan has its own tartan. The Black Watch and Black Stewart are the most popular tartans. Black Stewart is the tartan of Clan Stewart. Black Stewart kilts are worn at parties and the Highland Games. The Black Watch is the tartan of the British infantry regiment of the same name. The Black Watch regiment was made up of several Scottish clans, mainly Campbells. They patrolled the Highlands, preventing crime, rebellion and clan fighting. The Black Watch tartan is now worn by all Scottish soldiers in the world. It is a beloved tartan for its dark colors and is also widely worn at parties and Highland Games.

Sporran, kilt pin and kilt socks for Scottish kilt

A number of traditional accessories are worn with a Scottish kilt. Use a kilt pin to secure the two parts of the kilt at the front. A sporran is a bag that you wear over the kilt, where you can store money and your telephone. Sporran means wallet in Gaelic. We have traditional designs of kilt pins and sporrans in our assortment. You can also find kilt socks here for warm legs under your kilt.