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Check our large selection of Roman swords, Celtic swords and Greek swords. Of Deepeeka & Windlass. Find your new Roman gladius here! Free shipping available.

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Buy Roman sword: Roman gladius and spatha

Check our large assortment of Roman swords! The gladius is the sword of the Roman legionaries in the mighty Roman army. We have an assortment of gladii of the most common archaeological types: Mainz & Pompeii. The spatha is a longer version of the gladius and was mainly used by the cavalry.

Greek swords: kopis and xiphos

We have several types of Greek swords such as the kopis and the xiphos. The Greek hoplites were sword-armed infantrymen and well-to-do civilians, attached to their polis or city-state. The kopis is the short bronze sword of the hoplites. The kopis was a slightly curved hacking sword which was a secondary weapon.

Celtic sword: falcata & Iron Ageswords

If you want to shop a large selection of Celtic swords you have also come to the right place! Here you can find historical Celtic swords from the La Tene and Hallstatt period. In terms of design, these swords are often decorated with spirals or with an anthromoporphic figure. The falcata is a Celtiberian sword with a curved blade.