Medieval pottery

Discover our handmade high quality Viking & medieval pottery. Medieval ceramics for reenactment, LARP & home deco. Gleen glazed pottery, medieval cups, beer mugs, plates & more

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Replica medieval pottery for sale: medieval drinking cups, plates and mugs

On which historical originals is our medieval pottery based? Medieval pottery is depicted in several medieval manuscripts. For example in the Book of Hours by the Limbourg brothers, the famous miniature painters. You can enjoy cold and hot drinks from these medieval cups at home, LARP and medieval reenactment, but you can also use them for home decoration.

Pingsdorf pottery

Much of our pottery is based on archaeological finds from the Middle Ages. Pingsdorf pottery comes from the German Rhineland and was made between the 10th and 13th century. These ceramics were also made in the south of the Netherlands. Pingsdorf ceramics were traditionally painted with red paint.

Viking pottery

On this page you can also find pottery from the Viking Age. Much Viking pottery has been found in the Viking cities of Birka and Haithabu. We have various Viking drinking cups for sale, handmade from dark Rhineland clay. Ideal for LARP and Viking reenactment.