Axe accessories

Handy axe accessories for carrying an axe on the belt. Axe holders, axe holsters, whetstones, axe rings. Wedges and shafts for axe repairing.

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Axe rings for Viking axes

We have traditional axe rings for carrying Viking axes on your belt. You have the axe quickly at hand and you do not need to carry it around in your hands. Our rings are suitable for throwing axes as well as for traditional lumberjack axes.

Replacing the axe shaft

For practical or decorative reasons, you might want to replace your axe handle for a different or larger shaft. The axe shaft is just as important as the axe itself. For making Viking Dane Axes, we have large ash wood axe shafts suitable for reenactment battles.

Removing the axe shaft

Remove the entire axe shaft by removing it from the axe socket with a tool. If necessary, you can put the axe in the fire, but be careful that the hardness of the steel can change. Especially if you want to use the axe for woodworking it is best to avoid this option.

Applying a new axe shaft

First, cut the new axe handle to the size of the axehead socket. An axe shaft almost never fits by itself, so this will require woodworking tools. After the shaft is in place, you can place one or two wedges at the front. This causes the wood to expand, keeping the axehead in place. You can also fasten the axe shaft with nails.