The dungeon

Everything you need for medieval reenactment, theatre decors, escape rooms, castles and decorating a medieval dungeon. Functional medieval handcuffs, locks and keys

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Everything for the medieval dungeon and escape rooms: medieval handcuffs and leg cuffs

Here you will can find accessories for setting up a medieval dungeon at castles, escape rooms, museums, films, role games, LARP, reenactment & living history. These items are also perfect for theater, historical demonstrations and LARP scenarios. Our items are hand-forged and authentic in medieval style, everything is a replica of a historical original. We have several models of medieval handcuffs and leg cuffs. The shackles are connected with a chain or an iron stick. Keys are included.

Medieval lock, medieval key and chastity belt

We have all kinds of accessories for a medieval dungeon such as a medieval key. A medieval lock is perfect for escape rooms and to decorate a medieval room, or for closing a wooden chest. For medieval theatre and reenactment we have items like a chastity belt or a pillory board. A pillory is a wooden board with holes for the criminal's head and hands. The criminal wearing the pillory was led through the medieval streets and mocked.