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The LARP shield shop

Are you looking for a new LARP shield? Our LARP shields are made by well-known LARP brands such as Epic Armoury, Windlass and Dark Moon. They are quality tested and suitable for LARP battles. Fighting with a LARP shield gives more depth to a character and a LARP battle. In our webshop you can find LARP shields in all styles such as Vikings, knights, elves, post-apocalypse, Roman and other themes. The shields are lightweight, so they can be used for costumes,  LARP battles and Cosplay.

LARP shield maintenance

You can spray your LARP shield once a month with silicone spray, or whenever you notice that the latex surface feels drier. Silicone spray is available in our webshop. This spray prevents the latex surface from drying out. You can spray the shield and apply the liquid with a cloth.