Viking pendants

The largest Viking jewelry store. We have authentic Viking pendants and necklaces, based on real Viking jewelry. Runes, ravens, Thor's hammers and more

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Viking pendants from the Viking age

Discover our beautiful assortment of Germanic and Viking pendants. Most of our pendants are replicas of archaeological finds. We also have pendants with Viking symbols such as runes, troll crosses, ravens and knot motifs. You can also find pendants with images of the Viking gods here! We have pendants depicting Freya, Odin, Thor, Valkyrjar: a wonderful gift for modern pagans. These pieces of jewellery are beautiful to wear on a daily basis for anyone proud of their Northern European heritage.

Authentic Viking necklaces

With our pendants you can make an authentic Viking necklace. Most pendants have a large eye so most leather laces and link chains fit through. We also have imitation amber necklaces for a very low price. Great for reenactment and LARP.