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Burgschneider Cistercian habit

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This monk habit is is made after habits worn by the Cistercian Order from the 12th century onwards. The Cistercian monks were called 'White Monks' because of the colour of their habit. The medieval Cistercians emphasized manual labour and self-sufficiency. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) was the primary reformer of the order and helped it spread throughout Europe during the 12th century.

The habit is provided with a chaperon and a waistband. Wearing the habit meant chastity and rejection of worldly possession.

Fabric material: 100% rough unwoven cotton.

Size (in cm) S/M L/XL XXL/XXXL
Chest circumference124130135
Belly circumference144150154

Washing prescriptions: Hand wash, possibly wool wash program in the washing machine. Wool has self-maintaining properties and needs only be washed when heavily soiled. Otherwise, you can just ventilate your garments in the open air.

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