Large early medieval cauldron 9 litre

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This steel kettle has a volume of approx. 9 litre. It is made of several steel plates overlapping each other and is riveted with replica rivets. This authentic kettle is not only perfect for cooking historical dishes, but also for dying fabrics and other practical purposes. It is handmade after early medieval originals. It is 43 cm high with an approx. 9 litre volume and a diameter of approx. 32 cm, it weighs 3,9 kg.

This item is greased before shipment. Remove the grease with warm water and dishwashing detergent (degreaser). Remove rust with steelwool or burn it away on a campfire. Our pans are not tinned.

Washing-up instructions: Wash by hand, not suitable for dishwashing machines.
This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that sizes may vary lightly from piece to piece, and that the item is not tested by an official authority on suitability for food preparation.

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