Deepeeka Aquila, Roman eagle with shaft

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Deepeeka Aquila, Roman eagle with shaft

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The aquila was carried by Roman legions during wartime. The eagle symbolizes the messenger of the Roman god of war Mars. The aquila was seen as a holy object, losing the aquila was a great disgrace while reconquering the aquila from the enemy was a great victory. The aquila was carried by the aquilifer, but it was the task of the whole legion to protect it. In times of peace, the aquila was stored together with the signi at the camp.
This very detailed eagle is completely handmade of brass, even the feathers are depicted in detail.This eagle weighs 4,4 kg. The wooden shaft is delivered in two pieces and can be constructed. It is provided with a strong handle. The Aquila including shaft is 217 cm long and weighs 7,8 kg.

Product details:
Length: 217 cm;
Weight: 7800 g
Material: wood
Shaft included: yes
Based on a historic original: yes
Transport weight (grams): 40000 *

This item cannot be shipped to countries outside the EU due to its length.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

We do not sell this product to customers under the age of 18. Click here for more information on the European arms acts.

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