Epic Armoury LARP wood axe

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Epic Armoury LARP wood axe

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Whatever thorny situation you are in, your lumberjack axe is always at hand. You use it for work but after years of experience you are also a talent in throwing the axe at dangerous beasts that lurk at you from the woods. Occasionally you must also use it against evil creatures to protect yourself.

This LARP axe has been made very realistic to resemble a lumberjack ax. A wonderful accessory for LARP characters such as farmers, lumberjacks, poor foot soldiers, Vikings and the like. You can hang it on your belt.


Material: latex coating, soft EVA foam with fiberglass core;
Length: 85 cm;
Length of the grip: 51 cm;
Length of axehead: 22 cm;
Height of axehead: 15 cm;
Circumference grip: 13 cm;
Shipping weight: 1 kg;
Maintenance: silicone spray

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