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Epic Armoury LARP claymore

Brand: Epic Armoury

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Product description

This LARP claymore is based on originals that were used around the 15th century. This claymore is made of foam and has a fiber glass core. The core is covered with a layer of Kevlar. This sword is available with a silver or gold colored pommel and cross-guard.
The Danish LARP weapons manufacturers Palnatoke are known for the outstanding quality, high durability and attractive design of their products. Each weapon features a robust fibreglass core with an extra-reinforced tip. The core is surrounded by a medium-hard foam padding. Prior to the sword's assembly, the cross guard is generously coated with rubber, a procedure which considerably enhances durability. The whole sword then undergoes a very elaborate ten-steps coating process, during which it is covered with hard-wearing rubber. Finally, the handle is wrapped in leather and there it is: one of the toughest LARP weapons in the world. We recommend to maintain the foam weapon regularly but at least after each use with silicone spray.

Material: Foam, latex
Length 140 cm
Blade length: 90 cm
Grip:32 cm
weight: 620 g.
transport weight 3000 g.
developed also for beginners and young roleplayers
durable foam
high safety standards
tough latex coating
round, flexible fiberglass core rod

Product details

Material: Foam, latex/ Length 140 cm/ Blade length: 90 cm/ Grip:32 cm/ weight: 620 g.


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