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Cold Steel African Walking Stick

Brand: Cold Steel
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Product description

This walking stick is based on the traditional South-African walking sticks. Originally they were used by Zulu's with the name of knobkierieknobkerry or knopkierie. The Zulu's made them of African hardwood and they used the stick as an aid in the inhospitable landscape and as a club. 

This knobkerry is made of solid polypropene which is just as strong as hardwood, but has less weight and gives the hand a better grip. This fine walking stick can also be used as a weapon for self-defense. It is almost unbreakable and is suitable for parrying swords, axes and bayonets. Besides, the stick has a club head so it can even function as a club.

This knobkerry has a length of 94 cm with a club of 7 cm and it weighs just 717 grams.

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