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Have you been admitted to Hogwarts? Buy your Harry Potter costume for Cosplay here. Harry Potter robes, hats, scarves and sweaters for your Harry Potter costume.

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At Celtic WebMerchant you buy the official licensed Harry Potter costumes from Cinereplicas. These Harry Potter uniforms are available in the colors of the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. You can put together your own uniform by choosing a robe, sweater, tie, hat, scarf and possibly a skirt. We also have Harry Potter costume sets consisting of a Harry Potter robe with accessories. These garments are replicas of the actual clothing worn in the Harry Potter films and are the highest quality Harry Potter costumes you can buy.

Harry Potter robe

You can quickly make a Harry Potter costume by wearing a Harry Potter robe with normal clothing underneath. That is a cheap and fast way to put together your Harry Potter outfit. You can then expand this with the other items of clothing such as the sweater and tie. In the Harry Potter films, the students of Hogwarts are sorted into four houses that suit their character and attitude to life. The students wear only the uniform and colors of their department, with a logo of the department on the chest. These official logos can also be seen on the Harry Potter robes. The Gryffindor logo is red with a lion (courage), Slytherin is green with a snake (ambition), Hufflepuff is yellow with a tie (loyalty), and Ravenclaw is blue with a crow (wisdom).


Harry Potter wand for your Harry Potter costume


You can also choose to make a costume of a specific Harry Potter character. At Celtic WebMerchant you buy the official Harry Potter wand replicas from Noble Collection. If you want to be Hermione, for example, buy a Gryffindor costume and the Hermione wand. Our Harry Potter robes even have a special pocket where you can store your wand. When you are not dressed in your Harry Potter costume, you can put the wand in a nice place as a work of art. Most wands come in a nice collection and display box for everyone to admire your collection.