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John Lee

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John Lee

For many years the name John Lee has been well-known among collectors, fighting masters, sword fighting schools and Asian weapon lovers. John Lee offers high-quality ironwork combined with an excellent price-quality ratio. John Lee highly values individuality. Behind every sword is a thoroughly elaborated concept and design, every sword is also inspired on historical originals but each with its own twist. The large assortment of John Lee offers everyone the possibility the find the sword that suits him individually.

What all swords have in common is their high quality. All blades are hand-forged. To guarantee the highest stability all swords have a long tang that is fixated in the grip with two bamboo pins (mekugi). The swords are made of high-quality authentic materials and no plastics are used. For example, the parts that make sure that the sword stays in the scabbard (habaki and seppa) are made of brass, the grip and scabbard are made of wood, the traditional grip wrapping is always underlaid with genuine shagreen and the decorations (tsuba, fuchi, menuki, kashira) are made of metal.

Every original John Lee sword is provided with a seal and certificate of authenticity. A fabric cover for protection is delivered with most swords and they are also delivered in a beautiful collector’s box.

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