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Model building kit Baths of Caracalla

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This model building kit has an average to hard level of difficulty. It is made of A3 carton and printed in 8 colors. This thermal bath model measures 40 x 28 x 10 cm and is made on the scale of 1:600.
The termal baths of Caracalla are one of the architectural highlights of classical Rome. The baths are built by emperor Septimius Severus and later completed by his son Caracalla. It offered room to 1600 guests. The baths are the classical example of the ideal Roman bath complex. It had several baths, massage table and and a gymnasium. Because the baths are so large, they are built outside the city next to the Via Appia. Next to the baths there were two libraries, shops, offices, gardens, terraces and a water reservoir.
This model is a wonderful representative of this beautiful building.

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