Model building kit Colosseum

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This model building kit has an average level of difficulty. It is made of A3 carton and printed in eight colors. The Colosseum model measures 47 x 39 cm and is made on the scale of 1:400.
Of all Roman amphitheaters, the Colosseum is the largest. Its opening was celebrated on coins all over the Roman empire. The theater accomodated several performances, among which the popular gladiator battles. Underneath the 'podium', wild animals were kept that were used for the fight. It was even possible to pump water into the Colosseum for sea battles via an advanced system of canals. This detailed model represents the Colosseum in all its glory. A part can be taken out, to show the inside of the building. Over the Colloseum, a large cloth was hung for shadow in the heat of summer. Many statues were placed in the arches of the building.
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