Lowest price guarantee

Our systeem scans the market continually to make sure our prices are the lowest possible. In the unlikely event that another company offers the same items for a lower price - please let us know and we will adjust your price!

The item needs to meet the following conditions

  • The item is sold by a company within the EU.
  • This offer does not include sharp weapons.
  • The item is the same, and is not secondhand, damaged or offered for a sale price.
  • The price is compared with the competing retail price, including shipping costs and VAT.
  • The lowest price guarantee is valid for our retail customers from the European Union and the UK.

Fastest service guarantee

We know from experience that you have to wait for days until you get a response from some other webshops. That is why, next to offering the lowest price, we also promise to communicate a lot faster than competing companies.