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Leonardo Carbone Dress Cleena green-white

Brand: Leonardo Carbone
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Product description

This dress is made of cotton. At the front, neckline and sleeves it is ornamented with decorative bands that give the dress a sophisticated character. Both sides have cords for an optimal fit. The dress is available in the sizes S to XXXL.

Washing instructions: dry cleaning.

Measurement chart (measured on the garment itself, pick a larger size when in doubt)


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Breast circumferenceLengthSleeve lengthBelly circumference
S110 cm143 cm56 cm98 cm
M122 cm145 cm58 cm108 cm
L134 cm147 cm61 cm122 cm
XL144 cm154 cm66 cm130 cm
XXL150 cm154 cm66 cm138 cm
XXXL158 cm156 cm66 cm150 cm

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