17th century sailor vest, black

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17th century sailor vest, black

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This vest is based on 16th-17th century originals. Vests like this were worn since the Tudor era at the time of the Spanish Armada, during the Spanish Succession War and the Pirate era. It protected the body from cold weather but did not limit the movement of the arms so they were very practical and popular amongst laborers and sailors. This vest is made of 100% cotton. It is available in the colors black and dark brown.

Material: 100% cotton
Color: black, dark brown
Sizes: S-XXXL
Based on historical original
Shipping weight: 1000 grams.

(cm) Chest circumference Total length
XS 92 48
S 98 50
M 104 56
L 110 61
XL 118 66
XXL 130 70
XXXL 150 71
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