John Lee Ninja-iaito

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Many ninja-swords on the market have a straight blade, inspired by Hollywood films. John Lee based its iaito on historical originals. In the scabbard, it looks just like a katana, but once it is drawn, it is clear the blade is shorter than a katana.
The iaito has a blunt, shortened blade in the shinogi-zukuri style with fuller (bo-hi). It is handforged from 420 stainless steel. The grip is covered with rye hide and wrapped in black cotton in the hineri-maki style. The long tang construction is fastened to the grip with two bamboo pins (mekugi). This means the grip can be replaced completely. The habaki and seppa, between tsuba and blade, are made of brass. The tsuba (hand guard), fuchi (ring on top of the tsuba), menuki (grip decoration) and kashira (pommel) are made of metal.
The wooden scabbard (saya) is black lacquered in the kuroro-style and has an extra long sageo (the cord to tie the saya to the belt). The kojiri (butt cap), kurigata (knob for the sageo) and koiguchi (scabbard mouth) are made of buffalo horn.
The iaito is 89,5 cm long (108,5 incl. scabbard), with a blade of 58 cm and a grip of 31,5 cm. The weight is 1050 g excluding scabbard.
The iaito is delivered with a textile sleeve, a collector's box and a certificate.

We do not sell this product to customers under the age of 18. Click here for more information on the European arms acts.

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