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Epic Armoury Kunai Throwing Knife, LARP Weapon

Brand: Epic Armoury

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Product description

Kunai, throwing knife. A LARP weapon made after original Japanese throwing knives. Because of the handle and its design, it is possible to throw it effectively from a long distance. It is made of polyethurane foam, it is approx. 23 cm long with a 10 cm grip and a 12 cm blade. It weighs 29 g. This product is handmade and manually colored, so each item is unique. Because of the material we do not recommend leaving it in the sun for a longer period of time. Epic Armoury products meet high safety requirements.

Product details:
Length: 45 cm
Grip length: 12 cm;
Blade length: 27 cm;
Width: 4.5 cm;
Material: foam;
Core material: fibre glass, kevlar;
Weight: 125g;
Transport weight (grams): 2000 *


Product details

Product details: Length: 45 cm / Grip length: 12 cm / Blade length: 27 cm / Width: 4.5 cm / Material: foam / Core material: fibre glass, kevlar / Weight: 125g /


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