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John Lee John Lee red wood iaito, short

Brand: John Lee

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Product description

The name of this sword is derived from its red-brown lacquered scabbard (saya), where the texture of the wood is still visible. This sword is used for iaido. The iaido sport is about the art of drawing the sword and uses fixed holding techniques (katas), but only as a formal exercise. Therefore a blunt exercise sword is used. Most important is the development of unity of body, spirit and sword (Ki-Ken-Tai-Chi). The highest degree is reached when a battle situation is mastered without drawing the sword at all.

This sword has a length of 102 cm with a blade of 61 cm and a grip (tsuka) of 30,5 cm. It weighs 1050 g. The blade is hand-forged of 420 stainless steel in the Shinogi-Zukuri style with a fuller and is blunt. The grip wrapping is made of black cotton in the classic Hineri-Maki style underlaid with genuine shagreen. The scabbard (saya) is lacquered red-brown in the Cha Ishimi style. This sword is delivered including a protective fabric cover and a striking collectors box.

John Lees models are inspired on historical originals and are high quality weapons. No plastics are used, only high quality authentic materials, like metal, brass, wood and shagreen. Every John Lee weapon is delivered including a seal and a certificate of authenticity.

Product details:
Blade Material: 420;
Handle Material: Wood / ray skin / Cotton;
Sheath: Wood;
Handle Length: 31 cm;
Blade Length: 70 cm;
Overall Length (without sheath): 102 cm;
Weight (without sheath): 1080 g

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Packaged with 100% recycled material
When packaging this item, we exclusively use 100% recycled plastic and recycled paper/cardboard from FSC certified forests. We reuse a large part of the material directly without the intervention of a recycling process.
Recycle the material by separating your waste:
1. Cardboard: separate or reuse your paper.
2. Plastic cushions, clothing bags and plastic tape: separate or reuse your plastic. If possible, pierce the cushions with a volume reduction needle.
3. Paper packaging for jewelry and small items: these have a plastic inner layer. Remove these, then separate your paper and plastic.

Product details

Product details: Blade Material: 420 / Handle Material: Wood / ray skin / Cotton / Sheath: Wood / Handle Length: 31 cm / Blade Length: 70 cm / Overall Length (without sheath): 102 cm / Weight (without sheath): 1080 g


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