Ulfberth Historical Hospitaller surcoat

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The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and Malta, or the Order of Hospitallers, was an order that started in 1080 as a hospital in Jerusalem. The original goal was to help poor, sick or wounded pilgrims. After the Christians had conquered Jerusalem in 1099 it became the first religious-military order that was responsible for the defence and care of the Holy Land. After the reconquest of the Muslims the order first appointed Rhodes as its headquarters and later on Malta.

Surcoats were often worn in the Holy Land, not only against the heat but also for recognizing fellow Hospitallers.

This surcoat is made after historical examples of wool and is lined with linen. It has a split at the front and the back so it can easily be worn during horse-riding.

The surcoat has a length of 131 cm. It is made for a chest circumference of 130 cm and a head with a max. circumference of 68 cm.

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