Deepeeka Lorica Squamata

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Deepeeka Lorica Squamata

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Scale armour like this was worn by Roman auxiliae during Antiquity. It was mainly worn by the auxiliae with a Persian heritage. In Persia the tradition of wearing scale armour like this is still older and it was even worn before the campaigns of Alexander the Great. In Carnuntum, the capital of the Roman province Pannonia, more than 30 different variants of this scale armour were excavated. This scale armour is made of brass, it is based on originals that were worn around 100-250 AD. The scales are attached to a layer of leather.

Material: brass, leather
Maximum chest circumference: 110 cm
Length: 66 cm

Weight: 5,5 kg
Based on historical original
Shipping weight: 7 kg

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