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Epic Armoury Viking LARP helmet Egil, bronzed

Brand: Epic Armoury

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Product description

This beautiful helmet is inspired by original helmets from the early Middle Ages, especially from the Viking period. Like original Viking helmets, it has steel protection around the eyes (just like the spectacle helmets) and an aventail, or chainmail collar, behind the helmet to protect the neck and back. The aventail is made of bronzed chainmail rings with an inner diameter of 9 cm. The helmet also has cheek flaps, so that you are well protected during an intensive LARP battle. The cheek flaps and the rim of the helmet are studded with steel rivets.

The helmet is made of 1 mm thick steel, so it is well suited for LARP, theater and Cosplay. The steel is bronzed which gives a beautiful effect. The helmet has foam paddings on the inside for extra comfort, these are also removable. You can fasten the helmet with the leather chin strap so that it stays in place while fighting.

Material: steel, leather;
Finish: bronzed;
Steel thickness: 1 mm;
Size: M & L (size chart see below);
Weight: 2242 g;
Shipping weight: 3000 grams *

max. circumference Head approx.Inner distance back- to forehead approx.Inner distance ear to ear approx.
M61 cm22 cm17.5 cm
L65 cm23 cm19.5 cm


Product details

Details/Material: steel, leather/Finish: bronzed/Steel thickness: 1 mm/Size: M & L (size chart see below)/Weight: 2242 g/Shipping weight: 3000 grams


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