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Urs Velunt Crusader sword Oakeshott type XII

Brand: Urs Velunt

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Product description

This medieval sword is based on originals that were used between the 12th and 14th century. The Oakeshott type XII is one of the most frequently used swords from the Middle Ages and was suitable for slashing and stabbing. This battle-ready sword has a 3 mm thick blade and a rounded tip. The pommel is decorated with a Templar cross and brass fittings. This sword is delivered including a scabbard.

Product details:
Length: 101 cm;
Blade length: 82,5 cm;
Weight: 1300 grams;
Steel type: EN45 spring steel hardness 48-50 HRC.;
Edge: blunt 3 mm
Tang construction: Full tang;
Pommel: Screwed;
Grip wrapping: Wood, leather;
Based on historical original: Yes;
Transport weight (in grams): 3000*

This sword is ideal for beginning sword fighters and light fights, but is not covered by any warranty.

This item is not sold to customers under 18. Click here for more information on the European arms acts.

Tip: How to adjust the finish of your armour and weaponry
Luxurious (polished)- polish the steel with metal polish or toothpaste. You can even give the item a mirror-like polish. Test on a small surface first!
Handmade (matte)- soak the steel in cola for 40 minutes to 20 hours. Check regularly and treat with black sandpaper.
Antique (patinated) leave the steel to rust for some time in a damp environment, preferably outside. Remove the red layer of rust, to reveal the corroded top layer.

Please note. After finishing the product yourself, the warranty and return right expire. Celtic WebMerchant is not responsible for the obtained result.

Product details

Length: 101 cm;/ Blade length: 82,5 cm;/ Weight: 1300 grams;/ Steel type: EN45 spring steel hardness 48-50 HRC.;/ Edge: blunt 3 mm/ Tang construction: Full tang;/ Pommel: Screwed;/ Grip wrapping: Wood, leather; Based on historical original: Y...


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