Deepeeka Roman cochlearium

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Deepeeka Roman cochlearium

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The cochlearium is a small-sized Roman spoon with a tapering handle. The word cochlearium in Latin means 'snail shell', this suggests that this spoon was used by the Romans to extract delicacies such as snails and mussels from their shells.

These types of spoons are mainly found in excavations of fourth and fifth century Roman hoards. Examples of finds of the cochlearium are the Thetford Hoard and the Hoxne Hoard. The find at Hoxne in Suffolk is the largest find of late Roman silver and gold ever made in England.

This cochlearium is a great asset for collectors of late Roman replicas, reenactors and museums.

Material: brass;
Length: approx. 14.5 cm;
Diameter scoop: 2.5 cm cm;
Shipping weight: 50 g;
Based on historical original

Washing-up instructions: Wash by hand, not suitable for dishwashing machines.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that sizes may vary lightly from piece to piece, and that the item is not tested by an official authority on suitability for food preparation.


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