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This aureus is a replica of an original minted during the campaigns of Gaius Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was the first Roman to be depicted on his coins. In February just before his death he aquired the rights to mint coins independently. During the short period before his death he has succeeded in minting a large amount of coins.

The Roman aureus was first minted during Sulla's reign in 85 BC. During the reign of Julius Caesar, the aureus was fixed at a value of 1/40 of a Roman pound: 8 grams of gold. Some later emperors brought the weight down somewhat. This resulted in extra gold for the treasury, but caused inflation. The aureus consisted for approx. 99% of gold. The worth of the Aureus was approx. 25 denarii, 100 sestertii or 400 asses. During the 3rd century AD the denarius had so significantly been devaluated that one aureus was worth 800 denarii.

This aureus is made of gilded pewter.

Product details:
Diameter: 1.4 cm;
Material: tin (lead-free);
Based on a historic original: yes;
Transport weight (grams): 10 *


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