Red dragon Longsword trainer HEMA

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This plastic longsword is designed for Historical European Martial Arts. The sword is made for intensive use. Just like a real sword blade, this blade is flexible but strong enough to take hard impacts without breaking. This sword can easily be adjusted to your own taste by changing the pommel, grip, blade or cross-guard.
These swords are suitable for training, sparring and competitions. They are durable and much cheaper than real swords. The swords are also safe to use for people that have never held a sword before. They are also very suitable for film and theatre because they are lifelike. Contrary to real swords, this sword is not a weapon but has all qualities of a sword. The weight and balance are also similar to a real sword.


Length: 125 cm
Blade length: 96 cm
Weight: 802g
Point of balance: 15 cm below crossguard

With stainless steel supplements
Length: 125 cm
Bladelength: 96cm
Weight: 1389g
Point of balance: 0,5 cm below crossguard

With sandstopper pommle
Length: 132cm
Bladelength: 96cm
Weight: 847g
Point of balance: 12cm below crossguard

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